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Escape from the Volcano it's a challenging platformer game along 3 levels, with wall jump and ledge grab mechanics, we made in 72h for The Heart Jam 2018, the theme was "Scarcity". We really hope you will enjoy it!

You are a scientist who is making routine research in an apparently dormant volcano, suddendly something goes wrong and the lava starts to rise, which also causes a rarefaction of oxygen and the fall of stones that block the path to the exit! You have to escape from the Volcano! Fortunately you can use the emergency oxygen tanks to recharge your oxygen, the freezing ampoules to freeze the lava for a short time and the geologist's hammer to crush the rocks! And do not forget to recover the precious documents related to the research scattered in the levels or they will be lost forever. It will be difficult but will you be able to save yourself? Good luck! Escape from the Volcano!!




Arrows - gp[dpad] ---------- Movement

Q - gp[A] -------------------- Jump

W - gp[X] -------------------- Attack

E - gp[B] --------------------- Throw freezing ampoule

ESC --------------------------- Quit game

F12 --------------------------- Toogle fullscreen


How to play:

  • Cross the levels without being touched by lava.

EftV gif05 GIF

  • Throw your freezing ampoule to stop the lava temporarily.
EftV gif06 GIF

  • Breaking a box give you a chance to find an ampoule.
EftV gif03 GIF

  •  Dont let the oxygen run out. Stay near the oxygen tank to replenish the bar.
tut oxy GIF

  • Use your hammer to break big stones.

EftV gif04 GIF

Made by:

l3on (Programmer, Character designer/animator, Game designer)
(Game artist, Game designer, Level designer)

Development log


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The graphic is amazing,Too bad this game is extremely hard so i won't even try to complete it , for the next time i suggest you to add a way to change controls,most platform usually use zxc.In addition i think that oxygen runs out way too fast and this prevent you from thinking forcing you to play perfectly and to already know the way in addition the freeze potion is completely useless it doesn't do nothing, i mean it freeze the lava for half a second but to be able to shoot it correctly you have to adjust ur aim and so U LOSE MORE TIME THAN YOU GAIN FROM FREEZING IT

We do not know which version you played but in the last update we increased the range of the potion to make it more useful.

The game was meant to be challenging, anyway with a gamepad it becomes much easier to finish it.

Thank you for your feedback :)


Thank you :)

way too hard, bad controlls

fun tho

We are glad you had fun :)

Regarding difficulty and controls, the game is meant to be challenging and we recommend using a gamepad. With the keyboard you need more time to master the basic mechanics.